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"I hope to have a long business relationship with Mr. Burrall and Traveler's Insurance"

Dear Mr. French:


This letter is to inform you of a recent experience I have had with one of your brokers, Tom Burrall, at C.S. Burrall & Son, Inc. located in Geneva, New York.


While shopping for insurance for my home and auto, I had contacted Tom for a quote along with four other insurance agencies. After reviewing the quotes, I had decided on another insurance agent who had quoted me less than Tom had.


Right from the start, Tom asked all sorts of questions pertaining to my house and car. When Tom placed his follow up call, I informed him that I was going with another broker. Tom was not pushy, but spoke to me about "you need to do this and did you think about that".


After talking with Tom for several minutes, I soon realized that the broker I was going to with never asked me any questions. He never advised me on how to handle my old insurance company, nor did he know small details regarding my property and vehicle.


Quite frankly, I do not conduct business with someone who will not communicate well with me. I called the broker I was going to go with and told him I had changed my mind and was going with someone else. His answer was, "Okay." He never tried to keep my business; it almost seemed like a relief to him that he did not need to work on my insurance policy that day.


I would like you to know what an excellent representative you have in Tom Burrall. Because he took the time and had patience with me, even though I told him I was going with another company, Travelers Insurance now has my business. I hope to have a long business relationship with Mr. Burrall and Travelers Insurance.




Sheryl L.

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